Exclusive Modeling Consultation

Offered by Vogue’s Favorite Casting Director & The World’s #1 Ranked Photographer


Learn The Inner Secrets of The Modeling World & The Three BIG Mistakes That You All Make Without realizing That You're Making!

What you will get:

I will cover your potential and you will get a tailored (step by step) action plan as well as automatically enroll you in my elite auditions & casting calls. 

I will  also teach you all the tools that you need to know in order to supercharge your career, but most importantly I will explain to you what you are doing wrong and how to fix it in order to land professional jobs.

We will cover:

  • The Different Types of Modeling
  • What Photos to use and what to Avoid Using
  • TFP's
  • How to Create a Release Form
  • What is a Comp Card and how to create one
  • Immediate Castings with CBS.com, NBC.com and More
  • Social Media Strategy For Instagram & Facebook
  • Hashtag Strategy
  • Automatic Audition Enrollment

Finally, i will give you my continuous support, followup & access to me beyond our Phone consultation!

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